A certified Orff instructor with nearly 20 years experience, Rome Hamner is a teaching artist and taiko performer who has helped thousands unlock their full creative potential. 

I’ve been playing and teaching taiko for nearly 20 years, including 14 years as the co-director of a nonprofit arts education organization I co-founded. Performing highlights include playing Odaiko for a crowd of more than 20,000 while suspended 200’ in the air and combining poi training and pyrotechnics to play with lit bachi (i.e., bachi that were set on fire- on purpose). I’ve introduced thousands of students ranging in age from 4-84 to percussion-based musical expression and excel in creating clear, linear curricula that walk students from complete beginner status to accomplished levels.


Special thanks to Tracy Baynes, PJ McArdle, and Yuko Konishi for photos featured on this site.